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Pro's and Con's of a shaved head

For years I've loved the look of women with shaved heads, I remember seeing a woman with a buzzcut years ago and thinking to myself "I'm no where near as pretty as her, I'm too ugly to pull that off, I wish I could try that". It's crazy remembering myself in that mindset because I've come so far on my journey of self love, but I think they are normal concerns that women considering shaving their hair off might experience.
I am going to list my pro's and con's since I've had my buzzcut for over a month now and hopefully I will cover some of the concerns people may have!

Also I should mention that my hair grows fast, yes it was shaved really short in the beginning and now it is becoming more of a pixie cut, but I am planning on getting it shaved again soon and here are some of the reasons why...


It's probably the easiest hairstyle a person can have.

With my blonde hair I would have to bleach my roots every eight weeks, I would constantly have hair treatments on to keep it looking healthy and washing then blow drying my hair was a long process.
Now washing my hair takes less time than washing my face and to dry all I have to do is rub my head with a towel and I'm good to go! Also going the barbers costs a lot less than the hair salon!


It has made me more confident in my looks.

This may not apply for everyone but for me I have finally started to love myself over the past few years and shaving my head has allowed me to see myself properly for the first time in a long time. With my long blonde hair it was as if I was hiding behind a mask or playing a character, now I can really see my face, see my features and I'm able to love all of the things I had never really noticed before.


People are always complimenting you.

As expected people will constantly stare if you have a buzzcut, it's second nature to be interested when you see something that is out of the ordinary. However for me most of these experiences have been really positive and a lot of the time people will go out of their way to compliment you, tell you how brave you are and tell you that they wish they could do it themselves. Also people are always complimenting me on my eyes now and I don't think anyone other than my boyfriend had ever said that to me before!


It's easier to experiment with wigs.

I bought two new wigs from Lush Wigs before I went to the barbers, just in case I regretted it or had an occasion that I wanted to have long hair for. I've experimented with wigs for several years and it was always such an awkward process of clipping my hair to my head, then putting on the cap and wig and then having a headache for the rest of the day because of the extra pressure from my hair. Now I can put on a wig in under a minute and be good to go, it's made me excited to buy more wigs and experiment with my looks further!


You have less of an attatchment to your hair. It doesn't define you or your femininity.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will have seen my posts about cutting off my waist length hair and how drastic a change it was. Now I have literally gone from having panic attacks about getting a trim, to having zero attatchment to my hair at all. I am thinking about growing it out slightly more so I can dye it crazy colours for some events I have coming up and then I will quite happily buzz it all off again!


Your hair won't stick to your lipgloss

Need I say more?


You feel more vulnerable.

Like I said before you haven't got all of your hair to hide behind anymore and so it can be quite scary to really show who you are. At first I thought I would end up wearing make up every day to look my best, but now honestly I don't really care and wearing no make up to work is still my norm.


People will stare

I'm less aware of the stares now, but when I first had my hair shaved I was constantly being looked at by everyone I walked by. Of course they weren't necessarily negative stares or rude stares, but it's just something to think about if you are someone who gets self conscious about that.


If you decide to grow it out there will be awkward stages!

I haven't really experienced that yet because mine is still quite short. But if you ever did plan to grow your hair back out there will be the inevitable awkward stages. Especially if you have naturally wavy hair like mine. For now I just have to deal with weird hair that sticks up if I go to bed with wet hair.


It's turned me in to more of a feminist.

Of course I always have been a feminist, but now I am even more so.
I get annoyed by people who think there is such a thing as "boy's hairstyles" and "girl's hairstyles" and people who think that women look "manly" with a shaved head.
It's similar to people who think that because I work out and I have muscles I look "manly", it's stupid and it's outdated.
Luckily this is not something that you will often come across as like I said most people are amazing!

If you're feeling ready to try a buzzcut check out this amazing video it's super inspiring!

This super cute underwear set is from Forever 21

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