Sunday, 5 June 2016

Vegan tattoo aftercare review... "El Gato Negro"

I recently visited the Liverpool tattoo convention and I was lucky enough to have my sternum tattooed by the incredible Scott Move. I've wanted a dagger on my sternum for about 6 years and I'm so glad that I waited for the perfect artist to do it.
It was extremely painful and even though Scott had the tattoo finished in no time, it was still tough, especially on my ribs and above my belly button!
As much as it sucked, I couldn't be happier and I feel so beautiful.

Whilst I was getting tattooed I sent my boyfriend Mike to buy some Vegan tattoo aftercare from a stand we had seen at the convention. I've become a lot more aware of what I put in my body, on my skin and what products I use in general. The tattoo healing balm is "El Gato Negro" a 100% organic product made with natural ingredients.

Only a small amount of balm is needed to moisturise the fresh tattoo, when rubbed in it will melt and glide in to the skin. The product uses cocoa butter which means that it has an amazing smell like chocolate and it feels extremely moisturising when it becomes a thin layer of oil.
I was washing the tattoo with soap and warm water and then reapplying the balm about three or four times every day. I was bruised and sensitive for over a week of the healing process and so it was great to have a balm that melts so easily, it meant I wasn't pressing too hard as I mousturised. 

"El Gato Negro" is known to speed up the healing process and I certainly experienced that with my tattoo. I was surprised that it was completely healed in two weeks and it looked and felt amazing.

I'm so glad that I found a Vegan, organic product and I definitely reccomend it to anyone who is planning on getting tattooed. Considering my sternum tattoo is fairly large, I have only used about a third of the product, meaning it will last me for several tattoos and be great value for money.

Check out their Instagram and website.

Thanks for reading this quick review and please let me know what method you use when healing your tattoos!

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