Friday, 14 July 2017

Debt free by 30? I want to be weird...

When my husband and I got married we were completely overwhelmed by how generous our friends and family had been. We sat and opened what seemed like an endless mountain of cards filled with money and gift cards.

The plan was to put a nice chunk of the money in to savings, but money matters don't always go to plan. We were living in our building site of a home and unanticipated expenses began to pop up one after the other. Suddenly this money that was supposed to help us start our married life feeling financially secure, had almost completely disappeared!

A few months passed and we were back in to our usual routine of living from pay check to pay check. Barely tracking our spending and experiencing the stress and dread of paying the bills. I've had enough.

So, half way through June I wrote a proper budget for the very first time. I've been watching Dave Ramsey podcasts since last year, so I had previously tried writing out a budget but they were vague and our intensity would always fizzle out as the month went on. This time something had changed, I was completely sick of the cycle we were in and willing to do anything to turn it around.
Living on a budget means that we get to see every penny we earn and tell it what to do. It honestly feels as though we've had a pay raise and I wish we had started sooner!

So, with our newly found motivation we are currently in a "no spend month" meaning that other than our assigned outgoings of bills, mortgage and food shopping, we won't be spending any other money...
I'm actually writing this on a brand new laptop that I picked up today. Sadly my nine year old laptop died last month and I was going to wait for my birthday to get a replacement, but I realised how much of a necessity it is for work so we managed to use the remainder of our wedding gift cards and squeeze it in to the budget!

I will not let any unexpected costs throw us off our mission and we are well in to baby step 2 now and going strong!
I'm going to make this a regular topic on the blog and go in to a lot more detail so I can be held accountable and stay on track.

Here is the Dave Ramsey baby steps for any one who isn't familiar...

Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps Explained | she makes cents

Thanks for reading, I'll be able to post a lot more now since my laptop isn't a pensioner!

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