Sunday, 28 May 2017

Growing out a buzzcut... One year update

I've now officially been growing my hair out for a whole year! I thought I'd take a few photo's to show how much it's grown and just to talk about it more. For the first few months I was cutting it monthly to keep the mullet at bay, but I cut it for the last time in August and ever since then I've just been trying to power through and strategically style it so the mullet isn't too obvious. For these photo's I decided to just leave it natural and unstyled so that you can properly see the length though.

There's been so many times that I've just wanted to cut it all off, but luckily I haven't gave in to the temptation! It definitely helps having pictures of long hair inspo to keep you motivated (I have Monami Frost and her beautiful long hair to thank).
There is a big possibility that I'll have a pixie cut again but for now I'm looking forward to growing my hair long and enjoying having my natural colour for the first time in a long time! For now hair pieces will have to be my new best friend!

Here's a bonus pic of Sabbath being cute as a thank you for reading this post!

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