Thursday, 4 May 2017

2003 flash back OOTD

*Quietly ignores the 7 month blog hiatus*
The weather is warming up and I have finally emerged from the cocoon in which I have spent the winter hibernating. 

Here are some photo's of me wishing I was Jenny from the block.
I searched all over the internet trying to find some Vegan platform trainers with no success. A few days later I found these amazing Fila's in Schuh and fell in love! I've been wearing them constantly and I haven't managed to ruin them yet...

As you can see I have long hair, thank you Peaches and Cream. I've managed to grow mine to shoulder length and I'm powering through rather than getting regular hair cuts, which probably isn't for the best but I'm too cheap and lazy to go the hairdressers.

Vest - Topshop
Jeans - Had them forever
Choker - Daisy street
Shoes - Fila

I promise I'll be posting more content, thank you for looking!

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